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DJM Suspension
Here’s why we do it! Not that long ago, before the internet, the only way to find information on how to lower your truck, and find parts to do it was a local speed shop and a few magazines from newstands. There were a couple of good magazines written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts but they turned into corporate run, written collections of advertisers mailed to you every month. Good for stock holders, bad for the enthusiasts. The good, doable tech articles turned into a freak show of wildly modified trucks that we couldn’t do at home even if one of our buddies had a well equipped garage, most of us needed to drive our trucks to work on Monday morning anyway! 6 month makeovers were fun to read about but didn’t help us much.

Attention Friends! We have changed the powder coating of our DJM Suspension parts. They are now black, improved durability and delivery. Plus touch up after installation is easy

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